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23 years of data expertise.

Providing access to more than 43 billion records with more than 1.5 petabytes of data from thousands of different sources.

Trusted partner to
law enforcement.

Over 2,000 public safety
professionals joined last
year alone.

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Tracers delivers efficiency, security, best-in-breed, breadth, feature-rich searches and data.

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The preferred pointer data
for background screening providers.

Tracers is the fuel that powers providers in the screening industry.

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Forward-thinking. Instant Access. Client-focused.

Batch Processing
Efficient Processes
Data Breadth
Nimble + Innovative
High search volumes at a highly competitive per-hit rate. Reduces costs and hours of labor.
Connects and integrates Tracers robust data with clients’ software systems using standard web technology.
Synchronized data solutions that allow your business to reach its unique potential.
Proven, streamlined solutions that address your operational data problems, saving you both time and money.
One of the largest providers of public and private data, with access to billions of records from thousands of different sources.
Smart, customized solutions designed to bring every client’s product pipeline to fruition.

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lightning fast reports with deep insights.

Tracers delivers efficiency, security, best-in-breed, breadth, feature-rich, searches and reports.

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