Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring

A post-hire solution for tracking and assessing ongoing organizational risk.

Tracers continuous workforce monitoring solution is a post-hire employee solution. Risk profiles of employees and contractors can drastically change over time. This solution proactively seeks to find high-risk individuals within their workforce by creating risk alerts that are then continually tracked.

This next generation process replaces the laborious process of manually running background checks of current employees. Continuous Monitoring provides visibility into:


You simply choose only the alerts or leading indicators of risk that you want to monitor and assess. Billions of aggregated data records are scanned. If negative activity is detected, employers will then receive alerts, before a potential breach occurs. This allows organizations to be proactively in-the-know and have the opportunity to investigate and act upon risky behaviors, before they develop and potentially become crises. This risk-alerts solution is developed for tracking and assessing ongoing organizational risk.

How it works:


Upload batch of employees — up to thousands at a time.


Identify the key data to monitor such as..


Periodically run alerts. Billions of records are sifted through to identify alerts.
If activity is triggered, employers receive alerts. Employers can investigate and act upon triggered alerts, if necessary.

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