Tracers Government

Trusted intelligence to safeguard government agencies.

Federal, State, and Local Governments can rely on Tracers to perform due diligence investigations and assess risk management. Tracers powerful investigative tools enable agencies to safeguard public interest, reduce financial losses, and achieve overall greater efficiencies.

These data-linking investigative tools locate people, detect and fight fraud, reduce waste, uncover assets, verify identities, help perform in-depth due diligence, and piece together critical relationships. Overall, Tracers in-depth algorithms scan and connect critical data for agencies to make the best use of public funds and maximize greater decision-making.

Improve processes

Streamline operations

Tracers customized batch-processing technology is designed to increase efficiency and process thousands of records at a time. You choose what data you want. Tracers investigative consultants will create a customized solution that meets your agency’s unique needs to ultimately streamline operations and improve processes.

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