Tracers Insurance

Insurance fraud protection and risk minimization.

Protect Against Fraudulent Claims and Identity Fraud.

Tracers helps insurance agencies protect themselves from acts committed with the intent to obtain a fraudulent outcome from the insurance process. Our comprehensive searches provide current and actionable data on people and businesses to combat potential fraudulent claims and identity fraud. This allows insurance agents to instantly research claims and subjects, in efforts to minimize and avoid risk and loss — ultimately allowing agents to stay focused on serving your most-valued customers and to help grow and protect your business.

Our data is particularly relevant for drawing connections between people, businesses, assets, motor vehicle traffic histories, undisclosed drivers, rate evaders, and more.

Flagged claims can now be researched within seconds to:

Extract critical data to thoroughly investigate any insurance claim that has been flagged as suspicious.

We offer a complete comprehensive report that contains information necessary for providers to effectively take care of their valued customers’ needs. Tracers has nationwide motor vehicle data; address, telephone, and cellphone history; relatives, neighbors, and roommates; business relationships; financial background, including bankruptcy, lien, and judgment records; criminal history; assets; and more.

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