Tracers Legal Professionals

Immediate access to insightful information.

Tracers helps lower costs, speed up investigations, and reduce busy work.

This powerful investigative-data solution can be customized for use by large and small law firms and independent attorneys. We have billions of records to assist attorneys and their paralegals and investigators to locate witnesses, perform litigant background checks, and search state and federal case documents to potentially strengthen their cases. You can also expedite your search results using our business and/or individual comprehensive reports compiled from data contained in our massive data repository.

Streamlined customizable reports

Reports streamline billing and invoicing. A monthly invoice feature will itemize your cost per search and give you greater accounting visibility so you can optimize billing for your clients.

Court runs

Tracers court run services are more cost effective than outsourcing fees, and our turn-around time is usually just a few days.

Batch appends

If your case requires a large amount of data performance, take advantage of our Batch Appends, which will return the data you request instantaneously and accurately. You can choose a Batch price plan that allows you to pay for only the data returned or get a discount on the data requested.

We offer special pricing for Per-Seat and Transactional Accounts, Customized Reports, Batch Appends, and API Solutions.

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