Risk & Fraud

Stay informed with risk alerts.

Tracers risk alerts (TRA) were developed to identify leading indicators of risk within organizations to combat fraud, criminal activity, and insider threats. Real-time risk alerts automate the entire process of having to sort through vast amounts of data. Rather, it provides businesses with only the details of events that they choose and need to know. Easily scalable to monitor thousands of employees at a time, Tracers risk alerts provide a cost-effective and efficient way to help ensure safety within organizations.

When hiring new employees and contractors, organizations run background checks. However, things change over time, and outside stressors can impact employees, which can then also extend into the working environment. Ongoing, active alerts allow organizations to be in-the-know by identifying the early warning signs, allowing action to be taken before potential issues develop.

Simple Process

Select alert data categories - Upload employee roster – Receive alerts

Select ALERT data categories

Whether it’s criminal, civil, license, or global compliance lists, you decide the data needing to be tracked.

Upload employee roster

It’s a simple process: just create the file and upload — easily scalable to thousands of employees and contractors.

Receive alerts

The Tracers risk-alerts solution automates this process so these risks can be identified and acted upon quickly and efficiently. Billions of aggregated commercial and public-data records from thousands of data sources are scrubbed to uncover the selected alerts.

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